Renewable Energy

Mainly five projects are introduced that are all related to the issue ofenergy efficiency and reducing the bio-fuel combustion. In order to promote energy efficienttechnologies, the following activities were carried out.

1. Smokeless Chula:

An energy-efficient cooking stove for domestic use that aims to cut high cost offirewood and improve the health and living situation of family members.

2. Community Chula:

Installed in various schools, energy-efficient chulas reduce costs of firewood, allowing people to spend more money on food, therebyimproving the quantity and quality of the providedfood in the midday meal programme.

3. Biogas Plant:

A biogas plant enables families with alivestock to transform their accruing kitchen and animalwaste into cooking gas and highly nutritious slurry.

4. Cardamom Dryer:

The most common agro processing technologies are often characterized by low energy efficiency and high firewood combustion. Conversely, an energy-efficient cardamom drier requires a much smaller quantity of firewood and gives an SHG a good source of income.

5. Solar Lamps:

Power cuts, high costs and difficulties in purchasing kerosene often keep the rural populationin the dark. Through the use of solar lanterns,dependency on electricity and other lighting systemscan be reduced, increasing the quality of life and e.g.allowing children to continue their studies in theevening.