Our Technologies

  • Ensuring food security by reviving and propagating farmer developed ‘Ambakkadan ‘ Variety of Cassava
  • Women self help groups (more than 400 women from 3 remote villages of idukki Kerala) – Actively cultivating and producing value added products form ‘ambakkadan variety of cassava’
    Supported by ITPGRFA, Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO)
  • Energy efficient smokeless Chula for making mid day meal programme economical.
  • Dissemination and demonstration of energy efficient smokeless Chula developed by grassroots innovator Jayaprakash – Selected 100 schools in Kerala State
    Supported by Small Grant Programme, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) & Centre for Energy and Environment (CEE)
  • Multimedia Museum-Grassroots Innovation
  • Repository of more than 100 innovations from Kerala and also from other Indian States
    Supported by NABARD
  • Conservation and popularization of farmer’s varieties by establishing village level enterprises
  • 5 village level enterprises based on farmer’s varieties
    Supported by ITPGRFA, FAO
  • Enterprises based farmer developed agro machineries
  • Pepper thresher, Cardamom polishing machine, Cardamom washing machine, Nutmeg decorticator & arrowroot grinding machine
    Supported by DST, Government of India & NABARD
  • Herbal mosquito repellent
  • Developed from the formulation based on local knowledge Supported by NIF &NABARD
  • Food & nutritional security and climate change mitigation
  • Revving and propagating local varieties of yam and moringa among women self help groups
    Supported by ITPGRFA, FAO