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Research and Documentation

PDS is the Centre of Relevance and Excellence (CORE) of Depart¬ment of Science & Technology, Government of India in the field of developing drudgery reducing technologies, enterprise develop¬ment, developing package of prac¬tices (PoP) in organic farming and tribal development. Four profes¬sionals: Senior Programme Officer, Agriculture Scientist, Business Development Professional and an Engineer are working under the programme.



Rural Innovations & Indigenous Knowledge

Peermade Development Society has been working in the field of grassroots innovations and indigenous knowledge ever since its inception. PDS is the regional collaborator of National Innovation Foundation (NIF) for the state of Kerala and is undertaking scouting, scrutiny, documentation and dissemination activities offarmers’ innovations and unique traditional knowledge practices. Over 45 innovations, scouted by PDS, have received national level recognitions. NIF has awarded PDS thrice with the best scouting award.

Scouting and documentation of grassroots innovations

PDS has mobilized over 200 en¬tries for the 8th national competi¬tion and submitted to National In¬novation Foundation for national level recognition. Campaigning for the ninth national level com¬petition is in full swing. Special attempts have been made to doc¬ument innovations by women, in¬novations to eradicate child labour, innovations for physically handi¬capped and weaker sections of the society.

Technology Development – Grassroots Innovations

Technical projects have been de¬veloped along with further re¬finement of cardamom washing machine and nutmeg decorticator and have been submitted to DST GoI. Herbal mosquito coil, devel¬oped by Mrs Mary George, has been standardized and developed into a marketable product with the support of NABARD.


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