National Innovation Foundation (NIF)- Awards

As a nodal agency of the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) in Kerala, Peermade Development Society (PDS) plays a vital role in the field of innovation scouting and documentation under the concept Land to Lab and vice versa. Through this programme, PDS has supported innovators in disseminating their innovations. As part of this, six innovators received Grassroots Innovation and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge Awards of NIF from the hon’ble President of India in the 11th National Biennial Grassroots Innovation Awards 2023. The innovations were scouted and documented by Mr. Stebin K. Sebastian, PDS-NIF Co-Ordinator, Kerala.




The innovators are listed below:

Mr. Biju Narayanan (innovation: Portable Coconut Breaking Machine)

Smt. Aniyamma Baby (innovation: Innovative Multiple Rooting Propagation Method)

Mr. Shine Joseph (innovation: clove bud separator)

Mr. Aji Thomas (innovation: pelletization for paddy cultivation)

Mr. Binoy Sebastian (innovation: Pepper Thresher)

Mr. Mohan Kumar G. S. (innovation: Automatic Cup Hanger Making Machine)

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