Sahyadri Research Institute for Bio Inputs

Sahydri Research Institute (SRI) is located at Thattathikanam, 1.5 km away from Kuttikanam on Kuttikanam Kumily road. It is the centre for research and extension in the field of organic farming. Research is being conducted in developing and promoting various bio inputs including vermicompost, Trichoderma, Panchagavya, pseudomonas and planting materials. Technical support is given to the farmers in organic farming through training and demonstration classes.


Eiseniafoetida and Eudriluseugeniae are the two types of earth worms used for the production of vermicompost. The institute also provides training, consultancy and demonstration classes for farmers, agriculture officers, students and NGOs. Farmers can also buy quality vermicompost from the centre at nominal rates.

Bio pesticides

The institute is also engaged in developing and promoting various bio pesticides required for organic farming. A full fledged bio control lab is functional and quality Trichoderma, pseudomonas, panchagavya, etc are produced and supplied to the farmers on demand. 


Agriculture Nursery






Under the guidance of agriculture scientists, seedlings of improved varieties of pepper, ginger, fruit bearing trees and vegetables are developed and multiplied in the institute and supplied to the farmers.  Interested farmers can visit the farms and buy planting materials at nominal rates.

Soil test / water test lab

A full fledged soil test lab is functional at SRI. The lab has all the modern equipments to test both physical and chemical properties of soil and water. Farmers can bring their soil / water sample to the lab and get it tested. The test result along with recommendations is given to the farmers.

Sahyadri Eco Shop, Kuttikanam

Sahyadri Eco Shop is the selling point of various organic and Ayurvedic products produced by PDS. The outlet is located at Kuttikanam and people can visit the shop the buy various products.

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