Technologies Promoted / Developed by PDS

With the support of various agencies PDS has made significant contributions in developing and promoting different technologies for rural development. Most of these technologies are innovated by farmers and PDS helped them to standardise them and bring into the public domain. Agencies like DST, NABARD, BMZ, FAO, NSTEDB, NIF, etc supported PDS in developing and popularising these technologies.

PDS also enabled the farmers to obtain patent for some of these technologies.

  • Pepper threshing unit






  • Micro hatchery unit






  • Hi tech poultry cage
  • Herbal Mosquito repellent






  • Cardamom washing machine








  • Cardamom polishing machine






  • Casava harvesting machine
  • Arrow root grinding machine






  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Tissue plantlets hardening unit





  • Vermicompost production






  • Nutmeg decorticator








  • Electric Rethreading unit






  • New plant varieties – pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, casava








  • New planting techniques

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