Focus Areas

PDS has been successfully implementing the project on ‘climate change adaptation and mitigation’ supported by KKS / BMZ. Under the programme various measures were implemented to promote sustainable agriculture and fuel efficient technologies which significantly contributed in the reduction of carbon emission and improved food security in the Western Ghat. The project also enabled more than 600 Self Help Groups in equipping themselves to adapt to climate change through improved knowledge and skill, cultivation of indigenous food crops, use of fuel efficient technologies, sustainable agriculture and use of renewable energy.

The project components are:

  • Promotion of organic farming
  • Soil conservation measures stone bunds, rain pits, stream bank protection
  • Planting of trees
  • Promotion of Bio gas plants
  • Promotion of energy efficient chulas
  • Promotion of solar energy
  • Promotion of community smokeless Chula in schools
  • Establishment of fuel efficient cardamom dryers
  • Popularisation of indigenous varieties of food crops and vegetables
  • Establishment of seed bank
  • Establishment of herbal garden
  • Promotion of home remedies
  • Capacity building programmes for SHGs and village level leaders in climate change

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